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UO Today with Lindsey Mazurek

Catch the latest episode of UO Today, featuring assistant professor Lindsey Mazurek. Here she discusses material culture and the cult of Isis in ancient Greece during Roman occupation. She also discusses her work with the Mediterranean Connectivity Project, a digital humanities initiative that maps social connectivity during the Roman Empire.

Lindsey Mazurek is a specialist in ancient history with a focus on the eastern Mediterranean under the Roman Empire. She previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and taught in the Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Bucknell University. Her research focuses on questions of ethnicity, migration, materiality, and identification in antiquity.

UO Today is a half-hour television interview program hosted by the Oregon Humanities Center that highlights the work of UO faculty and administrators. You can view episode #743 with Lindsey Mazurek on on multiple platforms:


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