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UO Today: Annelise Heinz and Mahjong in American Culture


Learn about mahjong and the role this popular Chinese game plays in American culture, with Annelise Heinz on UO Today.

Annelise Heinz is an assistant professor of History here at the University of Oregon, specializing in modern American history. Her work also engages with the growing field of transpacific history, examining the flows of people, goods, and ideas between the United States and China from the late nineteenth century through the twentieth century. Her current book project, Mahjong: A Chinese Game and the Making of Modern American Culture, explores the American history of the Chinese parlor game mahjong, and how its history helps us understand redefinitions of gender, ethnicity, and consumerism in modern American culture.

mahjong game tile

Heinz discusses her research on UO Today, a half-hour television interview program hosted by the Oregon Humanities Center that highlights the work of UO faculty and administrators. You can view episode #726 with Annelise Heinz on YouTube or the UO Channel.