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Peer Advising in History

Office: 350K McKenzie Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of History Peer Advising! The Peer Advising program is a way for history majors, minors, and students interested in the history program to learn from experienced student advisors about our requirements, our courses, professors, and about the UO academic program more generally speaking. Peer Advisors can help you with tough academic questions, such as “Will I graduate?” “How much time will I be expected to spend on course work outside of the classroom in a 300 level course?” “How do I go about getting into a 407 seminar?” “How can my history courses help me satisfy general UO course and credit requirements?” Peers often have insights into other aspects of campus life, too, and can help you get more out of your university experience. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great resource!

Fall 2020

Schedule Pending

Peer advising hours apply throughout the regular term (but not during finals).  Come see us in 350K McKenzie Hall!

Becoming a Peer Advisor Yourself

Peer Advisors have a chance to help their fellow students put together plans that can help them succeed. In the process, the advisors themselves gain valuable experience in organizational and people skills. Becoming an advisor is as easy as contacting the Department’s Undergraduate Director or walking into the history office (275 McKenzie Hall) and saying: “I want to be a History Peer Advisor!”

Besides helping your fellow woman or man, Peer Advising also looks good on resumes. Whether you are applying for graduate study in history or law school, looking for a teaching position, or entering the business world, Peer Advising will stand out as evidence of your special dedication and initiative.