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History Department Travel Process for Faculty

This page provides information and an outline for successfully completing the travel process, as well as some useful tips and information to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

There are four steps in the travel process:

  1. Complete and submit the Travel Approval Request Form
  2. Coordinate airfare purchase through a UO Travel Agent
  3. Conduct travel. Retain original receipts and keep travel log
  4. Submit materials for reimbursement to Travel Coordinator


1. Travel Approval Request (pre-travel)

Download the Travel Approval Request Form and complete electronically. Submit this form to the Travel Coordinator Nick Mahlum by attaching the form as an email attachment and sending to This form will then be routed to the Department Manager and the Department Head for approval. You will receive an email from the Travel Coordinator informing you that your travel has been approved or if further information is required.

Tips for filling out Travel Approval Request Form

  • In the Business Purpose section of the Travel Approval Request Form, please be sure to be thorough and detailed in your description of your intended travel. Include all relevant information necessary to acquire approval from the Department and the Business Affairs Office (BAO) and Travel Office. Relevant details include:
    • the title of your projects, books, papers, articles, etc. that you will be conducting research for
    • the names and locations of conferences, professional associations, meetings, archives, institutions, etc. that you will be attending
    • specific description of the activity that will take place
  • Providing this information initially is important to ensuring more efficient travel reimbursement and airfare purchasing processes, that will require less email correspondence between the traveler, the Travel Coordinator, and BAO/Travel Office.
  • Click here for examples of adequate and inadequate business purpose descriptions


2. Authorization & Purchase of Airfare (pre-travel)

Travelers should use one of the UO Travel Agents to select and purchase an airfare itinerary. There are many benefits to using a UO Travel Agent, including:

  • lower airfare prices
  • assistance for missed or cancelled flights
  • counsel when travelling internationally
  • options for travel insurance
  • no personal payment
  • hassle-free purchasing, which will save you valuable time

Please contact any one of the UO Travel Agents to initiate the process of identifying an airfare itinerary, and provide them the date range, location, and any travel preferences for your intended trip. The UO Travel Agent will present you with a series of itineraries that you can then choose from to best fit your needs. Once you have informed the UO Travel Agent of your selected itinerary, it will be forwarded to the Dept. Travel Coordinator Nick Mahlum who will process the airfare for payment. After purchase the finalized electronic airfare tickets will be sent to you and the Dept. Travel Coordinator by email.

Important Reminders For Purchasing Airfare:

  • while travelers may purchase their own airfare and submit for reimbursement once travel has been completed, they are highly encouraged to utilize our UO Travel Agents whenever possible
  • travel that combines personal time and business efforts requires a Comparison Quote
  • airfare that includes non-direct routes must be accompanied by business purpose or a Comparison Quote
  • if you will be travelling internationally, please take the following steps before departing on your trip with the Office of Risk Management:
    • register your trip online through this form, which will provide you access to resources and assistance if issues arise when you are traveling internationally
    • purchase international travel insurance, which gives you coverage for accidents and sickness, security evacuations, emergency medical evacuations and more


3. Conduct Travel 

Now is the time to travel! Enjoy your trip!

It is very important to maintain a travel log during your trip to briefly document the business purpose and expenses for each day. This will ensure that the reimbursement process goes smoothly upon your return and that you receive the appropriate per diem. Turn in your travel log to the Dept. Travel Coordinator upon your return along with your receipts for reimbursement.

As a reminder:

  • keep all of your original receipts, documents, and relevant materials during your trip, as you will need to turn these in to the Travel Coordinator (Nick Mahlum) after your travel concludes. These materials will be used during the next phase, the travel reimbursement process
  • all receipts must indicate that payment to the vendor has been completed, which is demonstrated by documentation of method of payment and a $0 balance. Reservation confirmations for services is not sufficient for reimbursement
  • per diem for meals and lodging is not allowed for personal days taken during your travel nor for non-direct travel routes unless there is a business purpose
  • if you are attending a conference, please obtain a conference program and mark the sessions that you attend and/or participate in, and submit with your receipts with the travel reimbursement materials


4. Reimbursement Request (post-travel)

After you return from your trip, submit your relevant travel material to the Dept. Travel Coordinator Nick Mahlum within 60 days of the completion of your travel.

The types of materials you should submit include:

  • completed travel log
  • original receipts which document the method of payment and/or $0 balance (reservation confirmations are not sufficient)
  • itineraries
  • conference programs and documents
  • any additional information regarding personal time taken, non-direct routes, provided meals, etc.

Providing a detailed travel log with thorough documentation of your business purpose while traveling to the Dept. Travel Coordinator will minimize lengthy correspondence during the reimbursement process and a long wait time for your reimbursement. In short, this will get you your money faster!

Once your submit the above documentation to the Dept. Travel Coordinator, the following process is initiated:

  1. The Dept. Travel Coordinator organizes the documentation and compiles the Travel Reimbursement Request
  2. The Travel Reimbursement Request routes to the Department Manager for approval
  3. The traveler reviews and signs the Travel Reimbursement Request
  4. The final paperwork is finally sent to the UO Travel Office for review and final invoicing back to the traveler

The above process can take up to three weeks, depending on the queue of the Travel Coordinator, the complexity of the travel and the clarity of the supporting documentation.


Please note once again that UO Travel Policy requires that all travel reimbursement requests be submitted for processing no later than 60 DAYS after the travel has been complete. Please turn in your materials as soon as possible after you return from a UO business related trip.