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Travel – Comparison Quotes

The comparison quote must be based on the most cost effective, efficient travel for the business only itinerary.   (It is not necessary to include Basic Economy fares.) The quote must be obtained the same day the actual ticket is purchased and can be obtained from the TMC.  The quote must show the name of the agency, travel agent, date of the quote, detailed itinerary with dates, airlines, flights, and total cost including all taxes and fees.

Comparison Quotes After Travel: When combining business with personal travel and when a comparison quote was not prepared at the time of the ticket purchase, two quotes must be obtained at the same time to determine the ratio for the business only reimbursement. Using the Concur Booking Tool, use future dates to show a 21+ day advance purchase and correct days of the week, avoiding holidays which tend to skew pricing. Prepare two quotes:

  • Business only itinerary and
  • Personal itinerary including additional days/additional stops.

Provide a page or two of each quote showing the pricing grid/matrix to include with the reimbursement. If the business only quote is less, use this formula to calculate the reimbursement:

Business only divided by personal time = percentage. Actual ticket price x percentage = reimbursable amount

Example: Business only price $350. Price with personal time is $500.

$350 / $500 = .7 (percentage)

Actual ticket cost $600 x .7 = $420 reimbursable amount