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Travel Business Purpose Descriptions


Inadequate Descriptions:

  • Attend Conference
  • Research
  • Book Research
  • Collaboration
  • Meet with Colleagues
  • Site Visits
  • Give a lecture
  • Speaker

Adequate business purpose descriptions with additional notes to offer supporting details:

  • Attend and present at the Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual Disability. Conference is March 5-7 at Hotel Allegro in Chicago, IL.This is in support of xxx grant objectives.
  • Interview candidate for Human Physiology faculty position Tenure Track Asst. Professor.
  • Travel to University of Washington to recruit students for graduate program in xxx department.Two personal days at end of trip.Comparison airfare quote attached shows business only price is more than actual air expense.
  • Field trip to Mojave Desert to study vertebrate fossil sites. Research agenda attached.
  • Invited speaker, graduate program chair at Univ. of Wisconsin and author of War on Feminine Terror, presented a seminar on womens and gender history to UO Women in Graduate Science (WGS) on March 3.
  • In state mileage for fall term to attend events, board meetings and town hall meetings, meet with alumni, conduct student recruitment, and meet with marketing representatives and UO colleagues to discuss recruitment efforts.Specific trip details outlined in attached mileage log.
  • Traveler, a Family Intervention Specialist and principle on xxx grant, conducted training for Oakhurst School staff in Boston for behavioral interventions as part of the xxx grant requirements. Stopover in Chicago two days prior for personal time. Airfare comparison attached to show that the stopover resulted in a more expensive air ticket. Traveler is requesting the business only portion.
  • Travel to research book project regarding Slavic Linguistics. Reviewed museum documents on 10/1-3, met with Prof. Ambrose at the UC Berkeley regarding his research Slavic Linguistics on 10/4, gave a lecture history on Slavic language in the US to the xxx class at Stanford University on 10/5, and participated in the Slavic Discovery workshop on 10/6.
  • Traveler was invited to be a judge for the Idaho District III Class A Division Concert Band Festival 4/18-19. He then flew to Phoenix to attend a concert of a musical piece that the UO School of Music helped commission. On 4/20-22 as part of the inaugural musical presentation, he met with Arizona State University composers and conductors to discuss the project, attended a reception with the musicians and the attended the concert. See attached documentation regarding activities.
  • Traveler attended directors review of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) ATLAS Detector Upgrade Project Meeting held at Brookhaven National Lab Jul 11-12. Traveler rented a car as there is little public transportation to the lab and the closest hotel is 10 miles away.
  • Travel to Junior World Track Championships in Sacramento, Jun 10-12.Traveled with three additional UO coaches, Coach A, Coach B and Asst. Coach C. Rented car which was direct billed to department to attend athletic events and track functions located at various venues in Sacramento. See attached schedule of events.