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Theme: War in World History

The human history of war remains an extremely important area of study. War can attract or repel us, but has been a significant force in shaping our world as it is today. If you’re interested in this fascinating subject area, the courses laid out, below, will lead you through many different times, places, and conflicts while helping you knock off all of our major requirements.

Lower–Division Credits: 16 Credits/4 Courses

HIST 101, Ancient Mediterranean (4)
HIST 240, War and the Modern World I (4)
HIST 241, War and the Modern World II (4)
HIST 290, Historian’s Craft (4)

Upper-Division Credits: 12 300-Level Credits

HIST 322, The Crusades (4 upper-division credits; Europe Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 380, Latin America I (4 upper-division credits; Latin America Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 388, Vietnam and the U.S. (4 upper-division credits; US Field)

Upper-Division Credits: 21 400-Level Credits

HIST 428, World War I (4 400-level credits; Europe Field)
HIST 450, Iraq War (4 400-level credits; US Field*)
HIST 456, Revolutionary America (4 400-level credits; US Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 483, Top: Revolutions in Latin America (4 400-level credits; Latin America Field)
HIST 407 Seminar, Latin America in the Cold War (5 400-level credits; Latin America Field [if necessary])

History Major Language Requirement

Spanish 101-203 (2 years of a second language)

Notes: By specializing in histories of war and society, this student has fulfilled the History Department major over-all and upper-division credit requirements, the upper-division History Before 1800 requirement, the upper-division Distribution/Breadth Field requirement (Europe, US, and Latin America), the HIST 407 seminar requirement, and take care of the major second language requirement (as well as the UO BA second language requirement) by completing Spanish 203.

* If desired, this course may be counted for the Africa/Middle East field instead of the US field, if a variation of this path featuring the Africa/Middle East field were to be followed.