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Theme: Race and Ethnicity in World History

Right now we in the U.S. find ourselves facing a multitude of issues connected with race and ethnicity. Around the world and across time, other peoples and cultures have confronted these same kinds of issues, even if their particular expression might seem different. This path invites you to explore these similarities and such differences in a way that will satisfy our major requirements while challenging you to use what you’ve learned to better understand the world we live in today.

Lower–Division Credits: 16 Credits/4 Courses

HIST 202, Building America (4 credits)
HIST 203, America in 20th Century (4 credits)
HIST 250, African-American History (4 credits)
HIST 290, Historian’s Craft (4 credits)

Upper-Division Credits: 12 300-Level Credits

HIST 326, Colonial/Post Colonial Africa (4 upper-division credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 380, Latin America I (4 upper-division credits; History Before 1800; Latin America Field)
HIST 396, Samurai in Film (4 upper-division credits; History Before 1800; Asia field)

Upper-Division Credits: 21 400-Level Credits

HIST 417, Soc/Cul Modern Africa: Apartheid (4 400-level credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 449, Race and Ethnicity in the US West (4 400-level credits; US Field)
HIST 469, Top: Native Nations and the US (4-400-level credits; US Field)
HIST 480, Mexico (4 400-level credits; Latin America Field)
HIST 407 Seminar, US 1850-1900 (5 400-level credits; US field [if necessary])

History Major Language Requirement

Italian 101-203 (2 years of a second language)

Notes: This student has created a concentration on two regions with close ties in Atlantic World history while also fulfilling History Department credit requirements, the upper-division History Before 1800 requirement, the upper-division Distribution/Breadth Field requirement (Latin America, Africa/Middle East, US), the HIST 407 Seminar requirement, and has taken care of the major second language requirement (as well as the UO BA second language requirement) by completing Italian 203.