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Brewmaster Matt Schweizer on the Benefits of a History Degree

My name is Matt Schweizer and I am a graduate of the History MA program at the University of Oregon (2010). After five immensely rewarding years as a teacher in Waterloo, Illinois, I teamed up with local business and civic leaders to found and operate Hopskeller Brewing Company as the company’s managing partner and master brewer. Over the year and a half of planning the brewery, I consistently needed to research and make sense of market indices, industry trends, and other figures available exclusively through academic databases.

I can’t possibly imagine how I could have put together a comprehensive, research-based business plan and form a cohesive narrative for potential investors without an advanced history degree. There’s no doubt in my mind that my history degree from the University of Oregon gave me an advantage – and helped me achieve a dream – in a way that few other majors can provide.