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Welcome Ryan Jones!

Ryan Tucker Jones is returning to his home state of Oregon after nine years of teaching at Appalachian State University, the University of Idaho, and Auckland University.  Jones is an historian of the Pacific, Russia, and the global environment, specializing in human interactions with the ocean.  His book, Empire of Extinction:  Russians and the Strange Beasts of the Sea, described how Russian naturalists in the eighteenth century overturned European ideas about the impossibility of species going extinct and heralded the onset of the Sixth Great Extinction, which is now in full swing.  He has also published on the environmental history of Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand, and is currently working on a book on the history of Soviet whaling.

Professor Jones has taught courses in subjects as diverse as cross-cultural exchange in the Pacific to the history of Siberian colonization.  He has supervised graduate students working on the histories of oceanography, memorialization, and environmentalist movements.  Jones serves on the editorial boards of Sibirica:  The Journal for Siberian Studies and the Journal of Pacific History.  Jones also brings a strong commitment to strengthening Oregon’s links to the rest of the Pacific and the ocean they share.