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Next Stop: Berlin

Studying history at the University of Oregon has easily become one of the great pillars of my life thus far. Before declaring history as my major, I struggled to find an academic path I found both passion and applications in. However, as I began the degree program, I found myself to be genuinely excited about studying and applying my education for the very first time. The department’s unending support and ardent efforts to create an environment promoting organic student motivation allowed me to grow as an individual and to take control and responsibility over my education. With that, I gradually felt more in control of my future and life ambitions.

Aside from my philosophical growth, studying history at the UO taught me how to access any bit of information I desired. It taught me to not take no for an answer upon researching for information. This attitude towards research I gained as a direct result from my studies has helped motivate me in my professional career after college as well. In the ever more competitive job market,  it didn’t take me long to realize that simply applying for jobs was no longer a viable method of starting a profession. However, thanks to my degree, I never took no for an answer. Thus, I always found a way to find an opportunity of some sorts. And, I seemed to always keep myself motivated to find a new door once I opened one.

My degree taught me how to dig deeper. Moreover, it taught me why one should dig deeper and what to do with the pay dirt once it becomes unearthed. These skills have proven to be simply invaluable to me in my professional endeavors. By allowing me to nurture my passion for history, the department, among many other things, gave me perhaps the greatest tool of education: the desire and strident focus to achieve a life built upon happiness and content.