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Region: US History

Any student interested in US History will find topics of interest in this suggested path. It is designed to cover a broad time span, from the emergence of the nation through the contemporary period, and suggests contextual and thematically complimentary courses that can be used to fulfill major breadth requirements.

Lower-Division Credits: 16 credits/4 courses

HIST 201, 202, 203 (12 Lower-Division Credits)
HIST 290, Historian’s Craft (4 Credits)

Upper-Division Credits: 12 300-Level Credits/3 Courses

HIST 308, History of Women in the US I (4 Upper-Division Credits; US Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 379, American Environmental History, 1890-Present (4 Upper-Division Credits; US Field)
HIST 388, Vietnam and the US (4 Upper-Division Credits; Asia Field)*

Upper-Division Credits: 21 400-Level Credits/5 Courses

HIST 450, The Iraq War (4 400-Level Credits; Africa/Middle East Field)**
HIST 455, Colonial American History (4 400-Level Credits; US Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 419, Top: Colonial South Africa (4 400-Level Credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 490, Modern Japan (4 400-Level Credits; Asia Field)
HIST 407, Environmental History of the Pacific Northwest (or similar; 5 HIST 407/400-Level Credits; US field [if necessary])

History Major Language Requirement

Spanish 101-203 (2 Years of a Second Language)

*This course may be counted for US or Asia field credit; in this case, a student who opted for Asia would work toward the fulfillment of a second field in Asian history while taking a class that is also related to US history.
**Similarly, this course may be counted for either US or Africa/Middle East field credits. In this case, a student opting for the latter would work on a third field while also taking a course related to US history.