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Region: Asian History

The History department prides itself on the breadth and depth of its offerings in Asian history. How many of you have dreamed of walking along the Great Wall of China, or visiting the Taj Mahal? This path lets you follow in the footsteps of those who conceived of and built these monuments, and to examine other areas of the world that have contextual or comparative links with Asian history. By taking up this journey, you’ll not only feed your interests, but will fulfill all of our major requirements at the same time.

Lower–Division Credits: 16 Credits/4 Courses

HIST 186, Cultures of India (4 credits)
HIST 190, 191 Foundations of East Asian Civilization (8 credits)
HIST 290, Historian’s Craft (4 credits)

Upper-Division Credits: 12 300-Level Credits

HIST 325, Pre-Colonial Africa (4 upper-division credits; Africa/Middle East Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 363, American Business History (4 upper-division credits; US Field)
HIST 387, Early China (4 upper-division credits; Asia Field; History Before 1800)

Upper-Division Credits: 21 400-Level Credits

HIST 419, Top: Colonial South Africa (4 400-level credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 449, Race and Ethnicity in the US West (4 400-level credits; US Field)
HIST 490, Top: Shogun’s Japan (4 400-level credits; Asia Field)
HIST 498, Medieval Japan (4 400-level credits; Asia Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 407 Seminar, Cities of South Asia (5 400-level credits; Asia Field [if necessary])

History Major Language Requirement

Japanese 101-203 (2 years of a second language)

Notes: This student has created a concentration on Asia while also fulfilling History Department credit requirements, the upper-division History Before 1800 requirement, the upper-division Distribution/Breadth Field requirement (Asia, Africa/Middle East, US), the HIST 407 Seminar requirement, and has taken care of the major second language requirement (as well as the UO BA second language requirement) by completing Japanese 203.