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Region: Africa and Latin America

The histories of Africa and Latin America are closely intertwined, not least because of the terrible institution of slavery. So while you could easily construct a path in either of these areas, alone, you might find it particularly fascinating to chart the ways in which Africa and Latin American cultures have impacted each other. The courses suggested here will do just that in a World context, allowing you to easily fulfill major requirements in what we hope will be an intellectually satisfying way.

Lower–Division Credits: 16 Credits/4 Courses

HIST 105, 106 World History II & III (8 credits)
HIST 250, African-American History (4 credits)
HIST 290, Historian’s Craft (4 credits)

Upper-Division Credits: 12 300-Level Credits

HIST 325, Pre-Colonial Africa (4 upper-division credits; Africa/Middle East Field, History Before 1800)
HIST 380, Latin America I (4 upper-division credits; Latin America Field; History Before 1800)
HIST 382, Latin America III (4 upper-division credits; Latin American Field)

Upper-Division Credits: 21 400-Level Credits

HIST 415, Top: Global Migrations (4-400-level credits; World Field)
HIST 415, Top: Age of Imperialism (4-400-level credits; World Field)
HIST 417, Soc/Cul Modern Africa: Apartheid (4-400-level credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 419, Top: Colonial South Africa (4 400-level credits; Africa/Middle East Field)
HIST 407 Seminar, Ethnicity in Latin America (5-400-level credits; Latin America field [if necessary])

History Major Language Requirement

Spanish 101-203 (2 years of a second language)

Notes: This student has created a concentration on two regions with close ties in Atlantic World history while also fulfilling History Department credit requirements, the upper-division History Before 1800 requirement, the upper-division Distribution/Breadth Field requirement (Latin America, Africa/Middle East, World), the HIST 407 Seminar requirement, and has taken care of the major second language requirement (as well as the UO BA second language requirement) by completing Spanish 203.