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Little Tools of Knowledge

In a dynamic, lightning-round discussion, a lineup of historians and philosophers will each introduce a “little tool of knowledge”: those basic building blocks and forgotten infrastructures that do so much to direct inquiry.

Friday, May 27, 2022
3:00–5:00 p.m.
McKenzie Hall 375 (view on map)

Each speaker will focus on one of the often forgotten yet extremely powerful, mundane ways in which academic professionals organize and access knowledge. Individual presentations will be followed by general Q & A. All are welcome to attend.


3:00–3:05  Welcome

3:05–3:15  Ramón Alvarado, the Perceptron

3:15–3:25  Christoph Rass, the Index Card

3:25–3:35  Colin Koopman, the Form

3:45–3:55  Ian McNeely, the CV

3:55–4:05  Lindsay Frederick Braun, the Noting Plan

4:05–4:15  Vera Keller, the List

4:15–5:00  Q and A with the Rountable