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Jeff Ostler Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

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Congratulations go out to Jeffrey Ostler, who has been honored by the Western History Association with the American Indian History Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Western History Association was founded in 1961 for the purpose of promoting the study of the North American West. For the last twenty years, the WHA has selected one person per year “who has served in the trenches on all fronts to advance Indian History,” particularly through scholarship and mentoring of students.

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With the publication of his recent book, Surviving Genocide: Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas (Yale University Press, 2019), Ostler solidified his reputation as one of the nation’s leading scholars of American Indian history. He has worked to support American Indian Studies at the University of Oregon and to expand research and teaching about Native histories throughout the U.S. His books and articles have won numerous prizes, and his work is assigned to thousands of students every year.

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