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Introducing the Undergraduate Advisory Committee

Written by April Winz • April 27, 2022

The University of Oregon Department of History is delighted to announce its new Undergraduate Advisory Committee composed of five students—Julie Whitehill, Olivia Wilkinson, Isaac Kim, Tyler Mahan White, and Juan Ochoa.

The committee was established to foster more community between both the department and its students, and among the students themselves. “I felt that students in the history department have not been very well connected, and I want to work on ways we can change that,” Olivia Wilkinson said. The committee plans on creating things like newsletters and social events for students to cultivate connection.

Olivia Wilkinson

They also look forward to contributing student perspectives to influence the future of the department. “I think this committee will serve as a great opportunity for undergraduates to have a voice in the matters relating to the History Department and help to make the community a better place,” said Isaac Kim.

Isaac Kim

Tyler White hopes to give a voice to the non-traditional student demographic. Since leaving the army to pursue a degree in history, he notes that joining the committee has been a fantastic opportunity to help his peers. “The committee is dedicated to contextualizing the way intersecting aspects of identity affect a student’s ability to receive a worthwhile historical education,” he said. “There is an emphasis on inclusion and awareness of student diversity in general, and a specific desire to ensure that the History Department continues to accommodate students from all walks of life.” The committee will also be working closely with the History Department Diversity Committee to further support students.



April Winz is a communications specialist for the History Department and General Social Sciences Program at the University of Oregon.