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Injustice and Resistance

Diversity Course Offerings for Winter 2021

collage of protest posters

The fights for inclusion and equality we see in protests around the world today are rooted in historical injustices. To understand the bigger picture, take a step back into the past with these courses.

Racial Injustice and Resistance in the US

HIST 202 Building America (Ostler)

HIST 250 African American History (Cobbins-Modica)

HIST 352 US in the 1960s (Howell)

HIST 455 Colonial America (Madar)

HIST 469 Indian Removal (Ostler)

HIST 470 Black Women in the American West (Cobbins-Modica)

Gender Injustice and Resistance in the US

HIST 308 History of Women in the US (Heinz)

HIST 416 Women and the Home (Heinz)

Environmental Injustice and Resistance in the US

HIST 379 American Environmental History (Weisiger)

Global Injustice and Resistance

HIST 105 World History (Zahler)

HIST 380 Latin America to 1750 (Zahler)

HIST 388 Vietnam War (Beda)

HIST 415 Migrants and Refugees (Weise)

HIST 428 Twentieth-Century Europe (McCole)

HIST 483 Revolutions in Modern Latin America (Aguirre)