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History Showcase

The showcase event is an annual celebration of undergraduate research and achievements. History majors are invited to display their work in a poster exhibit at the end of the academic year. The showcase is also an opportunity to acknowledge those students that have earned special departmental awards and honors.

2022 Showcase

This year, the department is happy to announce a return to in-person Showcase celebrations:

Thursday, June 2
3:30–5:00 p.m.
Crater Lake Rooms, EMU 145+146 (view on map)

Learn about and discuss history major research with accomplished undergraduate students. Celebrate those receiving special recognition. Friends and family invited, all are welcome to attend!

Honorees for 2022

Poster Presenters

  • Odalis Aguilar-Aguilar
  • Valerie Brantveyn
  • Stephen Cooksey
  • Nicole Coronado
  • Maggie Dobson
  • Jaida Jeter
  • Emily Kau
  • Zoe McKeehan
  • Maryam Moghaddami
  • Morgan Naake
  • Tanner Ringo
  • Tannyr Rose
  • Maria Shimota
  • RJ Smith
  • Josh Thomas
  • Jack van Wesenbeeck
  • Hayden Watson
  • Tyler Mahan White

Schwab Memorial Scholarship

  • Sydney Duncan

Dull Scholarships

  • Desi Acuay
  • Valerie Brantveyn
  • Warner Cole
  • Riley MacPherson
  • Jack van Wesenbeeck
  • Olivia Wilkinson

Faculty Recognition Awards

  • Odalis Aguilar-Aguilar
  • Stephen Cooksey
  • Grace Hall
  • Allia Service

Bingham Scholarships

  • Elijah Regosin Caffery
  • Jordan Urbas-Marchand
  • Tyler Mahan White
  • Justin Wickstrand
  • Sarah Wittmann

Nord Scholarships

  • Finn Dalton
  • Glorianna Whiteman de Reyes
  • Luke Rebar-Bowling
  • Lilly Smith

Clio Awards

  • Jasmine Ayala
  • Cole Palmer
  • Audrey Kalman
  • Isaac Kim
  • Hayden Watson
  • Julie Whitehill
  • Analiz Wickham

Past Events