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Schedule a Visit

Students who are admitted into our PhD program and live in the United States will be invited for a group campus visit, generally during the first week of our spring term. We subsidize airfare and provide group lodging, food, and opportunities to meet with your prospective advisor(s), other faculty with whom you may want to work, and current graduate students. We will contact you to make travel arrangements soon after we notify you that you have been accepted into our program.

Prospective MA and PhD students are welcome to visit us at any time to help you decide whether the University of Oregon is the right place for you to pursue your graduate studies. While visits to UO are not required during the admission process, some students have found them helpful. If you decide to come, please let us know in advance so that we can help make your visit as useful as possible. Our Director of Graduate Studies and faculty members can be contacted directly to arrange appointments. Contact information is located here. Additionally, the Office of Admissions offers daily campus tours. Register at

If you have specific questions on other topics regarding the online application process or life in Eugene, the Director of Graduate Studies can help you with those as well.