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GE Assignments for Fall 2018

Teaching Assignments:

HIST 101: Western Civilization (Mazurek)

Wednesday, 11:00 am: Nichelle Frank
Wednesday, 11:00 am: Sam McClelland
Wednesday, 1:00 pm: Olivia Wing
Wednesday, 2:00 pm: Sam McClelland
Wednesday, 3:00 pm: Olivia Wing

HIST 104: World History (Goble)

Monday, 12:00 pm: Aziza Baker
Monday, 12:00 pm: Moeko Yamazaki
Monday, 1:00 pm: Marc Carpenter
Monday, 2:00 pm: Aziza Baker
Monday, 2:00 pm: Moeko Yamazaki
Tuesday, 9:00 am: Jack Evans
Tuesday, 11:00 am: Marc Carpenter
Tuesday, 11:00 am: Jack Evans

HIST 190: East Asian Civilization (Goodman)

Breann Goosmann

HIST 201: Inventing America (Rushforth)

Tuesday, 10:00 am: Patience Collier
Tuesday, 10:00 am: Ian Halter
Tuesday, 12:00 pm: Patience Collier
Tuesday, 12:00 pm: Nanosh Lucas
Wednesday, 10:00 am: Ian Halter
Wednesday, 10:00 am: Ian Urrea
Wednesday, 12:00 pm: Nanosh Lucas
Wednesday, 12:00 pm: Ian Urrea

Grading Assignments:

HIST 215: Food in World History (Cutting-Jones)

Ariana Persico
Gulnura Abytalieva (external GE; Nonprofit Management)
Sugam Singh (external GE; Conflict & Dispute Resolution)

HIST 240: War in the Modern World (Dracobly)

Quinn Akina
Kwangyeol Ko
Preetham Sridharan

HIST 301: Modern Europe (McNeely)

Marzieh Abedin (external GE; International Studies)
Christopher Simmerman

HIST 308: History of Women in the U.S. (Heinz)

Kenneth Surles
Jamie Frick

HIST 350: American Radicalism (Ostler)

Annie Reiva

HIST 380: Latin America (Haskett)

Joshua Fitzgerald


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