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History Department Policies

History Department Printing/Scanning Policy October 2017
History Department Governance Document, revised October 8, 2015
TTF Professional Responsibilities, approved February 2017
History Department Merit Evaluation Procedure, TTF and NTTF, ratified Spring 2014
Equity Raise Criteria, 2014
Course Release Policy, revised February 2015
History Department Promotion and Tenure Policy, ratified January 2011
Promotion from Associate to Full Professor, list of materials to be submitted
History Department Assessment Plan, April 2009
History Department Diversity Plan Proposal, November 2006
Office Assignment Policy, adopted November 2010
Office Space for Retired Faculty, adopted April 2008
Summer Teaching Policy, October 27, 2014
Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollments and Curriculum, interim report, December 2013
Ad Hoc Committee on Enrollments and Curriculum, final report, February 2014
Learning Objectives for Individual Courses, SAMPLES
Requirements for Cross-Over Theses (submitted to two departments)
Global History Field for History Major, ratified June 12, 2014


 For additional information about promotion and tenure policies, see the Promotion and Tenure page.

NTTF Policies

NTTF Workload Policy, adopted May 2014
Adjunct NTTF Professional Responsibiltiies Policy
Career NTTF Professional Responsibilities Policy
Career NTTF Contract Renewal Review and Promotion Policies


College of Arts and Sciences Policies

Link to CASweb: All CAS Policies and Guidelines 
Absence from Campus during the Academic Term
Faculty Guide for Addressing Academic Misconduct and Reporting Form


Registrar’s Policies and Procedures

How to Create a Course Enrollment Waitlist: Guidelines and Caveats


University Policies

Faculty — Student — Staff Relationships (July 1, 2014; revised September 4, 2015)