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Department of History

Officers and Committees for 2018-19

Department Head: Brett Rushforth
Associate Department Head: Ina Asim
Director of Graduate Studies: Ryan Jones
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Julie Weise
Undergraduate Advisor: Robert Haskett
Summer Session Coordinator: *Invitation made to Ina Asim, decision pending
United Academics Steward: Dracobly

Advisory Committee

ADH: Ina Asim
DGS: Ryan Jones
DUS: Julie Weise
Elected Member 1, untenured: Carlos Aguirre
Elected Member 2: Annelise Heinz
Elected Member 3: Jeff Ostler

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

DUS: Julie Weise (Co-Chair, ex officio)
ADH: Ina Asim (Co-Chair, ex officio)
Lindsay Braun (Africa/Middle East)
David Leubke (Europe)
Andrew Goble (Asia)
Reuben Zahler (Latin America/US)

Undergraduate Advising Committee

Robert Haskett (Chair, ex officio)
Steven Beda

Graduate Committee

DGS: Ryan Jones (Chair, ex officio)
Vera Keller
Jeff Ostler
Leslie Alexander (Fall, Spring)

Speakers and Events Committee

Ryan Jones (Chair)
Steven Beda
Linni Mazurek
Marsha Weisiger (Fall)

Diversity Committee

Steven Beda (Chair: Fall)
Arafaat Valiani (Chair: Winter, Spring)
Curtis Austin
Allison Madar (Fall, Spring)
Lauren Pinchin (Staff Representative)
Quinn Akina (Graduate Student Representative)
Undergraduate: TBD

Post-Tenure Reviews

Bryna Goodman (Chair)
Carlos Aguirre
John McCole
George Sheridan

Technology and Media Committee

Annelise Heinz
Lindsay Braun