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Undergraduate Advisory Committee

This advisory group is comprised of undergraduate history majors with a demonstrable commitment to diversity. The committee advises the History Department on matters pertaining to equity, inclusion, and diversity among undergraduates enrolled in History Department courses.

Meet the Committee Members

Isaac Kim

My name is Isaac Kim, and I’m a first-year student at UO and a double major in spatial data science and history. I joined the Undergraduate Advisory Committee because I want to meet fellow peers who share the same interest as me. History has always been a passion for most of my life dating back to elementary school. I think this committee will serve as a great opportunity for undergraduates to have a voice in the matters relating to the History Department and help to make the community a better place.

Juan Ochoa

My name is Juan Ochoa, and I am a first-year history major. One of the reasons I joined the Undergraduate Advisory Committee is to try and be a representative of people who are often excluded from thought in our culture nowadays. Not only as a first-generation student, but also as a student of color, I felt that the committee was a kind of calling to let me be a voice for inclusivity and diversity.

Tyler Mahan White

I joined the Undergraduate Advisory Committee after seeing that non-traditional students who come into college later in life were an underrepresented demographic. After leaving the Army, I began my own studies in pursuit of a degree in history. Like many of my peers, I was confronted by a dual reality where I was expected to know how universities operate while playing catch-up and review on my overall education. While I have found a lot of help in tutoring others and facilitating change through adjacent university programs, I also wanted to represent returning students. The committee has thus far been a fantastic opportunity to do that. I am grateful to be one part of this larger project.

Julie Whitehill

Hi! My name is Julie. I’m a history major with a legal studies minor, and I want to work in music copyright law someday. When I’m not studying, I’m out skiing or playing guitar. I joined the Undergraduate Advisory Committee because I wanted to make more connections within the history department and surround myself with kindhearted peers and amazing faculty.

Olivia Wilkinson

My name is Olivia Wilkinson, and I’m a senior majoring in history and folklore with minors in Scandinavian and music. I plan to start my MLIS degree in 2023 and later work in archives and special collections. On campus I’m the creative director for Unbound Journal, a peer mentor for TRIO, and an intern for the Oregon Folklife Network. I love exploring many different cultures and historical periods, but my favorite subject to study is the tumultuous and profound 1960s. Outside of school you can usually find me gaming and creating art when I’m not doing piles of homework.