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Diversity Committee

The Department of History Diversity Committee is comprised of UO employees and students, including representatives for faculty, staff, undergraduate students, and graduate students. The committee leads diversity initiatives within the department; facilitates the reporting of concerns from the history community; and supports the department’s commitment to a discrimination-free environment, as well as equal access to programs, course offerings, facilities, admission, and employment.


See committee roster below for contact information, or use the online form linked below to submit questions and concerns to the committee. Submissions can be made anonymously.


Committee Members


Andrew Goble, committee chair
Ocean Howell
Marsha Weisiger
undergraduate student representative, TBD
graduate student representative, TBD


Steve Beda, assistant professor of history
committee chair

Office: 307 McKenzie Hall

photo of Marsha Weisiger

Marsha Weisiger, associate professor of history
faculty representative (Fall 2021)

Office: 381 McKenzie Hall

photo of Arafaat Valiani

Arafaat Valiani, associate professor of history
faculty representative (Winter/Spring 2021)

Office: 301 McKenzie Hall

Fela McWhorter, accounting and communications coordinator
staff respresentative

Chat: Direct Contact via Teams
Office: 275 McKenzie Hall

Madelyn Brown, graduate employee
graduate student representative


photo of Sydney Duncan

Sydney Duncan, undergraduate
undergraduate student representative