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Diversity Resources for Faculty

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General Diversity Resources

UO CAS Diversity Work and Resources

Pedagogy and the Classroom

Teaching Engagement Program, “Inclusion and Class Climate

Suzanne A. Whitehead, “How Do We Teach Now?,” Academe, September-October, 2018

Rachael Pells, “Gender Gap in Academic Seminar Questions,” Inside Higher Ed, December 14, 2017

Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual- and Gender-Based Harassment and Assault in Higher Education

Colleen Flaherty, “‘Holding Space’ for Victims of Harassment,” Inside Higher Ed, December 8, 2017

Nick Anderson, “Academia’s #MeToo moment: Women accuse professors of sexual misconduct,” The Washington Post, May 10, 2018

Caroline Fredrickson, “When Will the ‘Harvey Effect’ Reach Academia?,” The Atlantic, October 30, 2017

Race and Racism in Higher Education

George Yancy, “The Ugly Truth of Being a Black Professor in America,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 29, 2018