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Image of Sean Anthony

Sean Anthony

Assistant Professor

Office: 309 McKenzie
Office Hours: T: 9:00-12:00pm or ABA
Phone: 541-346-6149

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Fall 2014 Courses

HIST 120 Islamic Civilization
HIST 410 Read Prophet Biography

Course roster

HIST 120 Islamic Civilization
HIST 199 Islamic Civilization I
HIST 199 Islamic Civilization II
HIST 199 Islam in the Modern World
HIST 199 Modern Middle East
HIST 399 Sp St Medieval Islam
HIST 399 Sp St Shiism & Revolution
HIST 410 Muslims and Other Religions
HIST 410 Shi'ism and Revolution, 680-1979
HIST 410 Islamic Origins I
HIST 410 Islam & the Rhetoric of Empire
HIST 410 Read Prophet Biography
HIST 410 Kinship, Death & Islam