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Courses in the History Department

The Department of History offers courses on the history of classical antiquity, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, colonial North America and the United States, and the world as a whole.

Most of our larger survey courses are offered once a year. These include surveys on Western Civilization (101-103), World history (104-106), Asian history (190-192), United States history (201-203), African-American history (250-251), European history (301-303), African history (325-326), and Latin American history (380-382).

Other courses, particularly at the advanced levels, are offered on a less regular basis. Just because a course appears on our website or in the university catalog does not guarantee that it will be offered in the coming year or two. This flexibility enables us to offer a greater variety of courses and respond innovatively and creatively to the interests of faculty and students alike.

Use the right-hand sidebar to bring up lists of history department course offerings sorted by level, field, and other criteria.

Majors and minors in history should pay close attention to the 407 seminar listings as their graduation date nears and contact the relevant professors in order to reserve spots in these courses. Syllabi posted on this site may be draft versions or come from prior terms, and are therefore not to be considered binding.